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DATE:   June 24th, 2017   

TIMES: Please see schedule below.
LOCATION: Gym Sport Gymnastics
                   6909 Rickyval Street
                   Weston, WI 54476

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Events Levels/ Divisions

Mail/ Fax by: 6/19/17
Online by: 06/19/17

Girls Compulsory Division: Levels 1-5 $35 / entry
Girls Optional Division: Levels 6-8 & LOO $45 / entry
(unsanctioned) Xcel: Bronze/ Silver/ Gold $45 / entry
  Xcel: Platinum/ Diamond $45 / entry


LOO = Open Optional
All athletes must sign the Badger State Games Athlete Waiver online during registration or on the printable registration forms at check-in.
Printable Gymnastics Registration Form
(Waivers are attached to the registration forms - Team Waiver)
Taj Jefferson


For those that want to cheer on our athletes and to see them bring home the gold here are a few tips:
Best place to view the event & how much you can see:
Seating Available or bring your own chairs: Yes
Admission Fee: $5-$10
Concessions: Yes
Carry-ins allowed (food &/or drink): Water Only.
Merchandise: Yes

Are Signs or Noise makers allowed: No
Other Information:


(Age determined as of  first day of event.)
Girls Compulsory Division: Levels 1-5
Girls Optional Division: Levels 6-8 & LOO
(unsanctioned) Xcel: Bronze/ Silver/ Gold
  Xcel: Platinum/ Diamond
Please also see Rules section below for more information.


Rotation Schedule COMING SOON!

8:40 Doors Open
9:00 Open Warm Ups
9:30 March In
9:40 Timed Warm Ups

Concessions available on site



School, AAU, USAG and YMCA gymnasts are all welcome.  The Badger State Games gymnastics competition will follow AAU National Rules.
Girls Compulsory Divisions: (unsanctioned)
Levels 1 - 5
Girls Optional Divisions: (unsanctioned)
Levels 6 - 8
Open Optional (LOO)
Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, & Diamond
Click HERE for an extended rules document

Results 2017:
Level 1 AA
Level 1 Bars
Level 1 Beam
Level 1 Floor
Level 1 Vault
Level 2 Jr. AA
Level 2 Jr. Bars
Level 2 Jr. Beam
Level 2 Jr. Floor
Level 2 Jr. Vault
Level 2 Sr. AA
Level 2 Sr. Bars
Level 2 Sr. Beam
Level 2 Sr. Floor
Level 2 Sr. Vault
Level 3 Jr. AA
Level 3 Jr. Bars
Level 3 Jr. Beam
Level 3 Jr. Floor
Level 3 Jr. Vault
Level 3 Sr. AA
Level 3 Sr. Bars
Level 3 Sr. Beam
Level 3 Sr. Floor
Level 3 Sr. Vault
Level 4 Jr. AA
Level 4 Jr. Bars
Level 4 Jr. Beam
Level 4 Jr. Floor
Level 4 Jr. Vault
Level 4 Sr. AA
Level 4 Sr. Bars
Level 4 Sr. Beam
Level 4 Sr. Floor
Level 4 Sr. Vault
Level XG Jr. AA
Level XG Jr. Bars
Level XG Jr. Beam
Level XG Jr. Floor
Level XG Jr. Vault
Level XG Sr. AA
Level XG Sr. Bars
Level XG Sr. Beam
Level XG Sr. Floor
Level XG Sr. Vault
Level XS AA
Level XS Bars
Level XS Beam
Level XS Floor
Level XS Vault



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