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Medical release and liability waivers required.

DATE: Friday-Sunday, May 4th - 6th, 2018
Eastbay Sports Complex
1920 Curling Way, Wausau, WI 54403

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Each team will pay a team fee plus a per player fee based on the entry deadlines described below.
  Division Team Fee
Boys U9 & U10 (small sided 7 v 7) $310
Boys U11 & U12 (small sided 9 v 9) $335
Boys U13 & U15 (Full size 11 v 11) $425
Girls U9 & U10 (small sided 7v7) $310
Girls U11 & U12 (small sided 9v9) $335
Girls  U13 & U15 (Full size 11 v 11) $425
Boys U16 & U19 (Full size 11 v 11) $425
Deadline April 15, 2018
Sorry, no refunds after 
April 18, 2018
Confirmation e-mailed by April 18, 2018
Send payments to MC United, P.O. Box 1071, Wausau, WI 54402

For those that want to cheer on our athletes and to see them bring home the gold here are a few tips:
Best place to view the event & how much you can see:
Seating Available or bring your own chairs:
Admission Fee:
Carry-ins allowed (food &/or drink):

Are Signs or Noise makers allowed:
Other Information:

Boys U9 & U10 (small sided 7 v 7)
Boys U11 & U12 (small sided 9 v 9)
Boys U13 & U15 (Full size 11 v 11)
Girls U9 & U10 (small sided 7 v 7)
Girls U11 & U12 (small sided 9 v 9)
Girls  U13 & U15 (Full size 11 v 11)
Boys U16 & U19 (Full size 11 v 11)
U9 & U10, maximum of 14 players; U11 & U12 maximum of 16 players; U13 + maximum
of 18 players.
Maximum of four guest players for U9 & U10 and six guest players for U11 - U19. Team Managers must complete a guest player form on the 
WYSA website or provide one from your respective association and a Valid USYSA
player pass.
Medical release and liability waivers required.
Non-Wisconsin teams must have permission to travel from their state association.
One certified official at each game for all U9-U10, three for all other age levels.
Medical/athletic training services will be onsite throughout the tournament.



MC United Tournament Rules


  • All games will be played in accordance with FIFA/USYSA/WI Youth Soccer with the exceptions noted below.
  • U9-10 (7 v 7), roster size 14, guest players 4.
  • U11-12 (9 v 9), roster size 16, guest players 6.
  • U13+ (11 v 11), roster size 18, guest players 6.
  • No roster changes will be approved during the tournament. (See below for final roster deadlines)
  • No player will be permitted to play on more than one team unless approved by the tournament director.
  • Guest players must have necessary release form from their state association.
  • All teams are required to have USYSA player passes and state approved roster checked at the registration area at least one hour prior to the start of their first game.  Player passes will be banded after check-in.
  • Coaches are required to have their coaches card as they will be checked prior to their games.
  • All teams are required to have a copy of the Wisconsin Medical Release and Liability Form for each player.  Forms must be signed and will be kept on file with the tournament registrar.
  • All out of state teams must have a copy of the state approved permission to travel form.
  • Teams must check-in with field Marshalls thirty (30) minutes prior to game time.
  • Home team is listed first on schedule and will be required to change uniforms in the event of a color conflict with away team OR officials.
  • Referees shall have final approval on all equipment.
    • Casts must be approved by the tournament director and referee coordinator.
  • A coin toss will determine who kicks off and who defends what side.
  • U9-10 2x25 (running time with five-minute halftime).  Offside and build out line will be enforced.
  • U11-12 2x25 (running time with five-minute halftime).
  • U13-15 2x30 (running time with five-minute halftime).
  • U16+ 2x35 (running time with five-minute halftime).
Tournament Committee reserves the right to:
  1. Reschedule, relocate or terminate games due to weather/field conditions.
  2. Reduce up to half, the duration of a game.
  3. If half of a game has been played before the termination, the game stands as a completed match and will be scored accordingly.
  4. Decide the final tournament standings, trophy winners.
  5. Cancel the tournament due to weather or other unforeseen conditions which are not conducive to tournament play.
  6. Cancel a preliminary game that has no bearing in deciding group winner.
  • Shin guards are required and socks must be pulled over.
  • Casts must be approved by tournament director and referee coordinator prior to tournament.
  • No jewelry allowed (taping over piercings will not be allowed).
  • All players must have the same type of jersey.  All jerseys must be tucked in and have a unique number on them.
  • May be allowed prior to a throw-in in favor of your team, prior to goal kicks by either team, following a goal by either team, following an injury for either team or at half time.  Subs may also be made for your team on the opposing teams throw-in if the opposite team also has a sub ready.
  • A player with blood on their uniform or body must be removed from play.  The bleeding must be stopped, injury covered and uniform must be blood free before they may return to play.
  • A game will be forfeited if a team is more than 10 minutes late to a scheduled match.  A min of seven (7) players is required to start a game. 
  • A forfeit of a game will be scored as 4-0 win. The tournament director has absolute discretion to resolve all matters concerns forfeits.
  • Win: Six (6) points.
  • Tie: One (1) point.
  • Loss: Zero (0) points.
  • Shutout: One (1) point- 0-0 tie does not get awarded this point.
  • Bonus Points (goals scored): Are equal to the number of goals scored in a match, up to a maximum of three (3) per game.
TIE BREAKERS: To decide group winners
  1. Head to Head (disregard with 3-way tie).
  2. Team with most wins.
  3. Goal Differential (max of 4 per game).
  4. Fewest goals allowed
  5. Most goals scored (max of 4 per game).
  6. Kicks from the mark.
  • In the event of a tie, in a semi or championship game, the game must be decided by “kicks from the mark”.  NO overtime will be played.  The tournament will follow FIFA guidelines.  Each team will select five (5) players to kicks from those that were on the field at the end of regulation.  Each team will alternate kicks, order determined by a coin toss before kicks begin, if still tied after the first five, teams will alternate 1v1 until a winner is decided.
  • No refunds will be issued after a team has been accepted. 
  • If games are discontinued or cancelled due to inclement weather or adverse field conditions, a refund may be issued after incurred tournament expenses have been paid.
  • All referee decisions are final.  No protest will be heard on any judgement call by the referee.
  • All protests must be submitted in writing to the tournament director with a $50 check made out to MC United Soccer Club within one (1) hour after completion of the game.  If the protest is approved your check will be returned, if denied the check will be cashed.
  • Players
    • All red and yellow cards will be reported to the proper personnel.
    • Red carded players will automatically be suspended for a minimum of one (1) game.  Tournament committee has final decision on suspension length.
    • All players receiving three (3) yellow cards during the tournament will be suspended one (1) game.
  • Coaches & Spectators
    • Harassment of officials will not be tolerated. Referees may temporarily stop games or suspend play in the presence of persistent sideline harassment or intimidation. In the case of a game suspension, the Tournament Director will decide the outcome of the game.
    • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of players, parents and spectators at the fields, hotels and other locations for the duration of the tournament. If the tournament committee receives complaints regarding conduct of any player or person associated with your team, the Tournament Director may ask any/all people to stay away from the tournament, and/or ask the team to leave the tournament, and/or ban the team from future tournaments.
  • First and second place awards will be presented immediately after the last game for U11+.
  • Participation awards will be awarded to all U10 and under players.
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2011 Results
U19 Girls Final Results


Sport Specific Questions: Contact Event Director: 

Daren Abbiehl

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